Another cliched but popular question among hiring managers…

It is a great question to be asked, it is predictable and is one of the standard value proposition questions.


🤺 What do you consider are your top 5 strengths? Form the answer around these but hone in on 2 or 3 in particular.

🤺 What have past or current managers or colleagues said about you? Often this is where the real gold is uncovered.

(note: this is the subject of another value proposition question, overlap and crossover is common so preparing a great answer for one will aid with others).

🤺 Dont be shy when practicing this, selling your value is not bragging :).

🤺 Yes the Interviewer may have asked for ‘strength’ (singular) but will never pull you up on answering with more than one.

🤺 Integrate stories into your answer

My answer.

The strengths that I value most are my on-site construction experience, education and work ethic. I have nineteen years experience in construction but far more on-site training from when I was a child working on construction sites. This was common place in the 80’s for someone to work with a parent and this was incidentally where i learned my work ethic.

If you told me as a 17 year old that in 2020 i would be now working on my second masters (in law), i’d have laughed at you. Continued professional development is important as is keeping up with industry trends and developments, however I also work tirelessly outside of my formal schooling. I am an avid reader and have recently started writing and public speaking. I also work out every day of the week.

What does this answer show the Interviewers about me?

🧲 Hungry

🧲 Dedicated

🧲 Will do what it takes

When i gave a similar answer to this during a recent interview, i received the follow up question, ‘yes but if we hire you this job will be busy, how will you manage your time then?

To be continued tomorrow…