Everyone has their own opinion on who should be the supreme leader of ‘the greatest country in the world’.
As an Irish Canadian, it really shouldn’t matter to me, but i still think about it. I consider who would:

🇺🇸 be the best leader for the USA in general?

🇺🇸 be better for the Oil & Gas industry? 

🇺🇸 is pro business?

🇺🇸 be a better candidate for the Canadian Economy?

This is certainly not a political posting but more a reminder (to most people) that the winner of the US election really ‘shouldn’t’ matter. 
I coach people that WE make the decision to work for a given company, in a certain job, live in a particular place, get wrapped up in negativity or to develop positive or negative habits. 
If you don’t like the politics, the rates of taxes, the direction in which a country is going, pick up and leave. If another country would suit you better, make a plan and move.

Better yet, find a niche or a job / outlet that will offset the potential negative baggage that each administration would bring.
The same goes for careers. Everyone should be using this opportunity to up-skill, make themselves indispensable in this ever-changing, fast paced world. 

Life is too short to spend 50 to 70 hours a week doing something you hate or working for a company you don’t respect.

Too often people make excuses that:

🤷 now is not the right time, 

🤷 I’m not qualified enough , dont have the experience 

🤷 I would lose too much if i stayed here

🤷 I couldn’t get a good job elsewhere or abroad.

None of those excuses hold up, if you want something bad enough and you work your ass off to get it, it will come. 

Work hard on the aspects that will make the difference, become a great public speaker, be a fantastic interviewee, learn to write well, become an unstoppable force at what you do, use the unfettered amount of information that we all have at our fingertips  – the interwebs. 

Politics is largely irrelevant, how you live your life is what truly can make the difference to you and your loved ones.