Most people are not prepared for interviews.

You sit down, nervous, knowing deep down you haven’t put in the work but hoping your experience will get you through.

As each question is posed, you spend all of your brainpower conjuring up answers, trying not to sound foolish.

Several things happen in this situation:

  1. You cant hold a great conversation; you are too wrapped up in ‘finding the words.’
  2. You cant conduct active listening; you don’t have the capacity.
  3. You cant properly observe; what are the non-verbal cues; what body language is my Interviewer conveying?
  4. As you are engrossed and deep in thought, how is your posture, what are your non-verbal cues or ticks; if you are not aware, they are most likely not good.
  5. You don’t create the right impression.

In my first coaching session 10 years ago (which was video recorded), I was in the above state. I also did the following:

  1. Stared up diagonally at the corner of the ceiling – concentrating on the answers. As a result, minimal eye contact (and it just looked weird).
  2. I held my hands between my knees (probably due to the perceived stress).
  3. I used slightly rock back and forward in my seat.
  4. Constant repeat ‘filler’ words, “I suppose.”
  5. Terrible ill-thought-out answers (made up on the spot).

After the above disaster, my coach and I started to uncover those weaknesses; my interview performance started on the right track…

If you don’t know where your weaknesses lie, this will lead to lost opportunities…