― Josh Waitzkin

Yesterday, I finished ‘The art of learning’

The premise of the book is of course about learning, but more specifically how to outperform your toughest competition and become a superior performer.

As with personal-growth book I always seek to apply the lessons to interviewing and the pursuit of mastery.

The book outlines an incremental approach to learning, breaking down the component parts and applying the requisite hard work. It speaks the routines and habits, dedication and strategies to adopt to become a high performer.

According to a study by Forbes, the main reason why people fail in interviews is as follows:

  1. Bad manners
  2. You don’t know anything about the Company (Do min. 5 hours research)
  3. You don’t want (or demonstrate) the job.
  4. Talk ill of your old boss / previous colleagues
  5. Ask the wrong questions
  6. You lied
  7. Didn’t wow them

More on the above to follow….