Memorizing a script is hard and utterly pointless, yet many people start there..

Trying to keep the attention in your mind to remember the words and the sequence is very off putting for any interviewee and only adds to the stress of the situation. 

It also comes off as boring and inauthentic.

Alternatively, remembering stories is very easy, primarily because you are recalling from a moment in time, it means something to you and is engaging for the Interviewers. 

Every story should invoke at least one emotion (nod to one of my heroes, Eric Edmeades) and carry with it a lesson or lessons. 

Example of some of the stories i use

📚 Working with my dad as a boy

📚 Working as a washup in a kitchen, in bars, in construction 

📚 Construction demolition of a bar that burned down in Newport – R.I.(this was when my friend and i were given a chance to prove ourselves by undertaking a really hard and terrible job) We hacked at it all day, we came down looking like Victorian chimney sweeps at 6pm when everyone had left. We got the job!

📚 A 100 year flood on a site where i worked. Filling sandbags and stopping water, leading the compilation of the insurance claim the next morning. 

📚 Working over a weekend to answer a critical question posed by my boss at 2.00pm on a Friday.

You can obviously see a theme here:

🌟 Strong work ethic

🌟 Committed

🌟 Interesting

🌟 Always willing to go the extra mile

🌟 Long history working in Construction actually on the ground – not just an office boy🌟