Audits can feel like a root canal and a colonoscopy all at once, but the long-term benefits of regular ‘health checks’ are PRICELESS.

Companies regularly conduct audits to measure how they are performing. Are they living up to the standards they set?

The intent is that specific criteria are objectively scored, together with actions to be implemented for continuous improvement.

When was the last time you did one for your career?

Unlike how many companies conduct audits (masking the issues), be ruthlessly honest, implement a plan to address any deficiencies, work on these in the short term.

  1. Would you employ yourself? Focus on the why not’s.
  2. Would your skills be in demand if you were forced to join the job market?
  3. If you lost your job today, would you struggle to find work? Why? How would you know this, a scarcity of open positions on job boards, LinkedIn, reports you are in a dying industry, an absence of recruiters contacting you, many others in your profession out of work due to pandemic or other reasons?
  4. Do you keep up with the industry / continued professional development?
  5. Do you upskill either formally or informally?
  6. When was the last time you learned a new skill or honed an existing one? ๐Ÿค”
  7. Will technology negatively impact your career in the next ten years? If so, are you addressing this?
  8. Could you pivot into other industries/sectors with your existing skills?
  9. What are the three things you could focus on in the next 60 days that would make the most significant impact on your career?
  10. If you and four other candidates of equivalent experience and education interviewed with a company in a two-stage interview process, would you be confident of success?

Do you have short, medium, and long terms goals?
Do you have a plan to advance these? Do you measure against them?

Focusing on the above has made a big impact to me, I still have to continually work on 1, 2, 7, 8 and 9. The others I continually address.