*Tony Robbins

I am a big Tony Robbins fan. His content is so rich and listening to or reading his work always puts me in a great mood.

I often ponder quotes and try to apply them to real life.

Most people are in fact average. Average meaning ‘the middle point’.

No hiring manager (that i have met) strives to hire an average candidate, they want the best they can get that also provides the most value.

The average candidates will:

❌ Do the minimum of preparation

❌ rely on chance to get the job

❌ think because they are good at the job that this will be sufficient

The best candidates will:

☑️ Engage in deliberate practice

☑️ Get out of their comfort zone, make mistakes and iterate

☑️ Make incremental steps and progressively get better over time

☑️ Learn how to sell themselves and demonstrate their value

Two sessions with a great interview coach nine years ago transformed me , since them i haven’t look back.