Yesterday, I suggested you should learn to make the conversation about the other person.

But how is that achieved when the subject matter of the interview is mostly about you?

This doesn’t have to mean directly talking about them, but showing you value their opinion.

Listen intently to what the interviewer has to say. This coupled with any intelligence you have gathered about the interviewer should be enough to shed light on what they value, what kind of personality are they, what attributes do they care about most?

Cater your stories to subtly mirror or echo their opinions/pain points. They will see you as like-minded.

Make non-verbal positive gestures, nods, smiles when they make a point they care most about. Their eyes, the slightest animation of the voice, and body language will communicate this to you.

Note: Always use the above sparingly.
Too much, and you will appear obsequious, inauthentic, and will create the wrong impression.