Before i went to see my coach – 9 years ago, i considered myself an average Interviewee.

That was before my first video taped mock interview and subsequent autopsy.

It was a mortifying experience. My answers were poor, i had nervous ticks, said ‘um’ a lot, i stared at the ceiling instead of making eye contact with the Interview coach.

What i learned in those two sessions changed everything.

What i learned:

💡 The importance of good posture, body language and eye contact

💡 How to frame great answers that articulates your value proposition

💡 That interviewing is a life skill and not something that is learned and forgotten about

💡 Stories matter and should be used to illustrate your value and who you are as a person and as a professional

💡 Perfect practice makes perfect and that confidence comes from being prepared

In a little over two weeks, I completely changed my outlook and approach. I studied the material veraciously and practiced in preparation for my trip from Ireland to Australia all for the ‘chance‘ of securing an interview.

I left two weeks later with two job offers and a visa.

That was the start of my journey of becoming an interviewee coach.

Since then I have studied, read, listened, practiced, undertaken a formal qualification, been nominated for a CPC award and coached many great individuals, now my journey starts…….