Context is vitally important for anyone, as is framing a given situation.

I touched on framing the interview in a previous post see link here – addressing nerves This is something each person should be acutely aware of.

So how does one get the job?

Impress both the hiring manager and the HR rep.

  • HR tend to focus on likeability / culture / pre-populated skills.
  • Hiring Managers want to know if you have the skills, qualifications, experience, and are reliable, committed?

Past performance is one of the best indicators of future performance. This is why stories, examples and illustrations of how you were successful in previous roles are crucial.

The first rule of selling is ‘get the customer to like you’

💡 Be honest,

💡 Transparent.

💡 Communicate your value clearly.

💡 Demonstrate your level of interest.

💡 Be a top performer in an interview, it shows you will be a top performer in that role. Build trust by your performance💡