It is imperative to understand what an Interviewer wants to find out when posing a question. There are common themes in interviewing:

❓ Is this person a good communicator?

❓ Does this person have a strong work ethic?

❓ Is this person a problem solver?

❓ Will this person fit in within our organization?

❓ Can this person do the job we are hiring for?

Recognition of what the Interviewer wants or why the question is posed is the first step.

Your answers should:

☑️ be communicated clearly.

☑️ contain stories and examples illustrating who you are / what you can do

☑️ contain examples of how you solve problems / what your thought process is in finding solutions

☑️ illustrate how you collaborate and cooperate with people, how you forge and maintain relationships and what motivates you

☑️ show that you thoroughly know the job, the pain points, how to be successful in that role.

Top tips

💡 Read and understand the position description, don’t just glance over it – The key words used are clues to what the company is looking for. If they want someone to work on their own initiative, use words like ‘self-starter, motivated or problem solver’ 💡

Give examples of how you ‘work on your own initiative’

💡 Listen; listen to the questions asked of you, listen to what the interviewers asks or says about a company. Use parts of that in your answer. If they express a pain point, subtly address how you experienced something similar in a previous company and how you set out to address that problem. 💡