Recruiters will rarely disclose the format of the Interview (Traditional, Behavioral, Panel, group, other)

This is by design to test the interviewee, also realistically the HR person may not know what the hiring manager will ask, so it is left ‘fluid’.

A friend of mine Stuart Gannon utilizes an approach that is specific to each candidate, relying on his industry experience he focuses on areas that he feels would either be key strengths or areas of weakness. Focusing in this way saves valuable time when screening potential candidates relative in order to match the client’s brief.
The one thing he notices is that candidates often fail to ‘catch’ why specific questions are being asked.

Another friend, Barry Lynch always insists on going for a beer with the potential candidate, that is where he finds ‘real insight’.

How should you prepare?

☑️ Practice Traditional, Behavioral techniques.

☑️ Build up your bank of questions / framework of answers

☑️ Work on social interactions with ‘relative’ strangers

☑️ Practice with friend, check in with coach

💡 Practice the real thing – no substitute for actual interviews (do a look back on questions that went well / not so well)

If you have any question or need some help, drop me a line