Why do I need an Interview Coach?

The most immediate and impactful learning comes from a personalized two-way conversation, rather than the traditional interview training approach of reading one-size-fits-all content. You will discover proven secrets behind interview success, receive transformational feedback, and have the opportunity to ask meaningful questions. It is also very difficult to uncover your ‘blind spots’ without the help of an experienced coach.

Is this coaching affordable?

One of my main goals starting up this business was to keep this service affordable and offer both in-person and video-call options for each customer. Many Interview Coaches charge exorbitant fees and to me it always feels in some way punitive. The feedback I have received from my clients is that they would have gladly paid far more than the sum charged and that the benefits of the services far outweigh the cost.

Do you guarantee success in interviews?

Interviews and the hiring process coupled with corporate politics and hiring nuances have so many variables, it would be impossible to guarantee success on any given application, nor do we claim to be recruiters / placement agencies. I do guarantee that if my clients apply the learning and undertake the deliberate practice taught, it will greatly increase their chances of success.

I’m not actively job searching, do I need coaching now?

Your dream job could arrive at any moment or ‘that call’ could be received from a recruiter with a suitable opening out of the blue. The sooner you prepare, the better your level of competence and confidence will be. I coach my clients to continually prepare and be ready for ‘The Interview’ at all times.

I have looked at your LinkedIn and I see that you are also a Contract Management Professional?

Yes, I am. Contract Management has been a lifelong career of mine, and the pursuit of new roles within this career has been both a motivator for starting ‘The Interview’ and for experience as an interviewee. You can learn more about my journey on the ‘About Us’ page. I want to emphasize that I am dedicated to my clients and engaged with every transformation. Additionally, I am a certified Interview Coach with experience transforming countless interviewees across industries. This is my passion. 

How many sessions would I need?

That really depends on the candidate as well as the work that each person is willing to put in. It is possible to apply the learning and techniques on deliberate practice tips provided in session one to prepare for an interview. I would recommend a minimum of two sessions, but this is completely up to the individual.