No, you shouldn’t stare but you should:

  • Engage/show interest.
  • Light up/show emotion.
  • Smile (yes your eyes are one of the main differences between a real and a fake smile).
  • Seek understanding or clarity.
  • Analyze (the body language)
  • Make eye contact (specifically) when stressing a point.
  • Share eye contact between interviewers, be inclusive (even if one has not posed the question).
  • Draw attention.

Don’t ever make the Interviewer feel uncomfortable (too much eye contact), be in a distracted state, or show a lack of interest (not enough eye contact).

A lack of eye contact will convey that you are untrustworthy…

Get comfortable with making eye contact, not everyone is.

Have you noticed that when two people are in a conversation, often the person talking averts their gaze more than the person listening? That is to process our thoughts and seek refuge away from the discomfort of scrutiny.

Notice where you/the other person looks in the next conversation you have…