Don’t fake listen. Looking, nodding, thinking you look the part but you are only pretending you need to actually learn how to listen. If you don’t, this will be spotted by an astute interviewer; it creates a poor impression.

You need to retrain your body and all of the habits and unconscious traits you have picked up over your whole life.
For example, I have always had a notoriously bad sense of direction. That is because I am a daydreamer and a deep thinker. I do this when I walk around and all of a sudden think ‘where the hell am I?’

I can break this habit when I make myself aware of it but I need to do it deliberately, particularly when I am in strange surroundings.

It is one thing to make yourself aware of your surroundings after getting lost so many times, it is another to work on awareness of your ticks, body language, learn by listening, demonstrating you actively listen; and making that skill work for you consistently.

If you dont practice this, it wont come to you in an interview. Nerves can play havoc with your performance.