Three weeks ago i wrote about having a break in your resume from the context of taking a year off to pursue an entrepeneurial endeavour.

There are of course other reasons why people decide to take a break:

  • Rear children
  • Look after a loved one in ill health
  • Dealing with health issues or that of a loved one
  • Just needed a break

How should you speak to this ‘break’ without reducing your chance of being hired?

🤺 Be honest, authentic in your responses.

🤺 Often what a person experiences while ‘taking a career break’ are a series of lessons that cant be earned in a traditional workplace. Explain this.

🤺 Assure (be subtle) the Interviewer that you have no intention of taking a further break (Note – Questions regarding ‘a growing family is illegal’ and frankly none of the companies business).

🤺 Focus on your skills, the value you bring and how you have kept up with the industry while being away from the industry.

If you need any interview help, dont hesitate to send me a note.