There is a lot to learn from the first 3.5 mins of this Interview.

Stephen Curry asks him a few very common job Interview questions, Bill plays the role of a Junior software Engineer.

I wont transcribe or quote, but listen and follow along with my analysis below.

  1. Why should we hire you?

He demonstrates:

💾 Passion, the right attitude

💾 Being a perfectionist (spot on for a writer of code)

💾 Willingness to work in a team and particularly for that Company

💾 He lets his work speak for itself

2. What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses? (in the context of working in a team)

💻 Strong on his strengths

💻 Weaknesses – irrelevant to his role (but he is looking forward to working with them

💻 Collaborative

3. What are your salary requirements?

🧲 Focus on options (Very shrewd)

🧲 Willingness to negotiate

🧲 Plays the leverage card so well here (know others are paying well, treat me fairly) again mentions the options – long term player

💡 He believes in the Company 💡

What do you take away from this? How would you answers these questions? Try it. If you need help, you know where i am.