About us

About Michael Creedon:

Michael is a certified Interview coach and a member in good standing with the Career Professionals of Canada. He is the founder and Senior Consultant with ‘The Interview’.

He is also a highly decorated contract management professional with significant international experience in Europe, Australia, Asia and North America. He gives care and commitment to all his clients. His path to becoming an Interview coach was an unorthodox one.

Michael’s interview coaching story started in 2011:

After the global financial crisis, I decided to emigrate from my home country and seek work in the Oil & Gas Industry. While I had vast experience in a similar profession, I lacked the confidence that I had the required skills and encountered the usual roadblocks that candidates face applying from overseas, nobody takes you seriously. 

I decided to fly to Australia on a fact-finding mission, with a vision of securing an interview and an offer. In hindsight, the decision seems far-fetched, however the steps I undertook prior to my trip made the difference. I went to see an Interview coach, which consisted of two sessions of one hour each. The results from those sessions combined with the deliberate practice that I undertook changed; my outlook, how I prepared for interviews and most importantly changed my success rate in interviews. I no longer feared interviews but relished the challenges. 

“Before I went to see an Interview coach, I took the process for granted and ‘hoped for the best with limited preparation’, now I approach interviewing with a mindset of being prepared, confident and assured that very few, if any, people will interview to the high standard that I set.” 

Michael Creedon

This revelation started my journey in acquiring interview mastery through knowledge and skill refinement, and to help other people. I provided this service informally for many years, to the great success of my many mentees, before I decided to set it up on a more formal and structured basis. 

Our Core Values:


We are candid with our clients about how they present themselves, how their answers will be perceived and how deliberate and consistent practice will ensure a much better success rate in Interviews.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence in our service delivery, and aim to provide value at every stage of our client’s development.


How we Interview and the impressions we create on people is closely linked to knowing one’s self, networking, social interactions, competence at our job and overall likability. Companies want to hire decent people who will fit in with their organization and culture.


We take the utmost care in ensuring the confidence of our client’s information. Any information disclosed during this process will not be shared or disclosed in any form with any third parties.