If you ever find yourself at an impasse with a prospective employer regarding salary or benefits, I have had great success with this tactic.

Say you want $100k and they want to pay you $80k, they perhaps give you a line that “we are not sure you are at that level” or they question some aspects that are ‘missing’ in your skillset.

Tell them you will agree to $85k, on the basis that you get a performance-based review in 3 months. Better yet, agree on the figure if you meet and exceed all targets.

The success of this will depend on your work ethic and application, it will create a great impression that you are willing to back yourself and demonstrate your commitment.

If they renege on this, you will always struggle with this company (but at least you will know within 3 months).

Some companies and managers thrive on keeping certain people down for a variety of reasons. More on this another time..

What negotiating strategies have you used to great effect?