A few months ago I had the pleasure of coaching an ex-colleague of mine.

I say ex-colleague but he is also a friend.

He had applied for a Senior position in one of the top Oil & Gas companies in Calgary. The competition for that job was fierce.

We conducted three sessions in total.

In the first session, we covered lots of theory, did some questions and answers and covered the basics of what creates a great impression. I warned him session two would be a whole lot more in depth and that I would test him. I gave him plenty of exercises and takeaways to practice.

In session two, he came back ready for a grilling. It was obvious he had taken the process seriously and put in the work. Again we worked on refining some of the follow up questions and potential pitfalls.

A marked improvement.

In session three, my friend showed up wearing a full suit. I thought to myself ‘this guy is a winner’

Again, it was obvious he put in an immense effort in learning the material and practicing.

The difference between session 1 and 3 was outstanding and inspiring.

I knew he would get that job.

He did.