Looking to ace that interview, advance your career, and transform your life?

We help you prepare for Interviews, build confidence and vastly improve your chances of success.

One-on-one sessions with certified interview coach, Michael Creedon (founder of ‘The Interview’), give you access to personalized training that will focus on your personal interview goals–turning weaknesses into competencies and competencies into confidence and new strengths.

Why we focus on interview coaching through one-on-one training:

The most immediate and impactful learning comes from a personalized two-way conversation, rather than the traditional interview training approach of reading one-size-fits-all content. You will discover proven secrets behind interview success, receive transformational feedback, and have the opportunity to ask meaningful questions.

Pricing for One on One Coaching

Over the Phone / Skype (Extraordinary Results)

CAD $140

Seventy-minute (70 min) Coaching Session


In-Person (Even More Remarkable Results)

CAD $250

2x Seventy-minute (70 min) Coaching Sessions


If a candidate would like to request an in-person coaching session, please send an email, I will do my best to accommodate


Why starting today is critical:

You don’t have to have your next interview scheduled to benefit from our one-on-one coaching and training, in fact, our most successful clients stay sharp for interviews at all times because they never know when they will meet someone with the ability to advance their career. After all, interview excellence is recession-proof.

Why be coached by Michael Creedon?

Michael has transformed countless interviewee’s across industries (and all walks of life) to achieve their career goals and level-up their social interactions to magnetize new opportunities. More about Michael here.

What you will learn and receive:

  • How you can overcome debilitating confidence issues in Interviews and professional social settings.
  • How to recognize what Interviewers are looking for when they are posing questions.
  • That there are no wrong answers, just ‘better’ answers.
  • How to sell your skills and experience in interviews and any other professional environment.
  • The right way to structure answers to difficult questions.
  • Preparation for behavioral/situational questions.
  • Awareness and elimination of any unknown ‘blind spots’ in your Interviews.
  • How and what to practice for success in Interviews and any other first encounters.
  • How to create a lasting impression on interviewers and any new person.
  • Negotiation tactics for better compensation and more meaningful work.

Your dream job could be behind the door of your next interview. To ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to put your best foot forward for your next interview…

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