1. What is your leadership style?
  2. How do you build and maintain relationships with your colleagues?
  3. What makes you want to work for this Company?
  4. In a recent address, your CEO mentioned the companies renewed focus on maintaining a ‘people-focused culture’; how do you implement this at the working level?
  5. How is feedback delivered? Is there an openness for 2-way feedback?

This is their chance to impress you and gather intelligence on what it would be like to work for this Company/boss?

Here is your chance to listen and assess the Interviewers’ answers, mannerisms, and body language.

Are you convinced by their delivery? Would you want them to lead your team?

Do the answers align with what others say about the Company through your research?

It may/may not. It tends to be easy to find out about a great or terrible manager.

Anywhere in the middle, you may have to make up your own mind. Perhaps on how they treated you during the interview.