This is the ultimate value proposition question. Meaning, this is one of the questions where a candidate should sell their best strengths, skills, and experience. In essence, it should be an excellent sales pitch. Of course, the answer to any interview questions needs to sell your value, however, this is one that needs to be knocked out of the park, particularly since it is regularly posed at the end.

Even if this question isn’t asked, you can work this answer into any concluding statement to leave the interview on a high note.

Where do you start?

Firstly, what is the company looking for?  The position description will state this, it should also be addressed in the Introduction by the Employer at the start of the interview. In any case, they are more than likely looking more a well-balanced, experienced professional with a great attitude.


What is your best attribute, and why?

What are the two things that would set you apart?

Whenever I am faced with one of these ‘ultimate value proposition’ questions I typically stick to the following framework:

  • International experience.
  • Education (Continued professional development).
  • Construction background (from trade to professional).
  • On-site construction experience.

This answer below speaks to all of the above. when delivered with passion and enthusiasm, this provides more than enough to demonstrate to an employer that you will perform in that role.


When I left school after a relatively mediocre performance, I finally found something that truly interested me; as a result, I thrived. I already had 10 years of experience on construction sites so that helped greatly. I worked all through college and joined one of the top construction firms in Ireland. For the next four years, I was mentored by two phenomenal Quantity Surveyors and 95% of my experience was site-based, that is where you truly learn your craft.

Equally, the next six years were on site. Part of the industry’s flaw is teams of professionals trying to run jobs from hundreds of miles away; yes, it is possible, but only if you regularly visit the site and have strong relationships with the Construction personnel. This is the most important part of a successful construction project.

I have worked on many high-profile projects worldwide and always brought energy, enthusiasm, and the benefits of my experience to each project, I love what I do, and that always shines through in my work.

I am obviously a believer in education and honing my skills. Still, there is no substitute for experience, particularly when you started on the tools and worked up to the business side. I dedicate an enormous amount of my free time to professional development, which is one reason you should hire me.