Motivation is an important factor for prospective Employers to understand.

Will you cause them a headache by leaving soon after they hire you? The durations of past jobs are considered carefully (but that is for another post).

There is a difference between seeking career growth, opportunity or advancement over perceived boredom or a previous negative work experience. I emphasized ‘perceived’, if you don’t have a great answer for this, it will create doubt over the legitimacy of your answer.

The first rule here is positivity. As stated in previous posts, never bad mouth or speak ill of any past Employer, doing so shows you are perhaps immature, petty or worse, have a bad attitude. Hiring Managers want to be around positive people, they want their team to improve by you being part of it.

The second rule is to have clear reasoning for leaving your current role. Be specific, demonstrate you have thought long and hard about uour options. Show maturity in your response and that you don’t consider a move from any job lightly.

Sample answer

I have worked at XXX for three years as a Logistics Manager, looking after the implementation of a new logistics program and phasing out the old system. I really enjoyed my time there and built up wonderful relationships not only internally but with the suppliers and customers. I was brought in to that role to set up and manage that program, building on my previous experience with YYY. I could choose to stay and maintain the system and incrementally improve it over time, however I have an aspiration to develop my career in Supply chain in heavy haul logistics. This role represents the next natural step to fulfilling that ambition. My ten years experience in international logistics would make me a valuable member of your team. In those ten years, I built up experience working with S.A.P , logisuite and have completed my SCMP designation at night.