Yesterday, I posted that one should be relentless in their job search and never bank on one job.

Often people (even after doing a stellar interview) are bewildered why they didn’t get the job.

There are many reasons that you may not be successful:

  1. Perhaps the candidate didn’t perform quite as well as they thought they did.
  2. Better candidate/s. Either technically, experience-wise, or a better Interviewee.
  3. The job may not have existed or was filled internally – and the company was going through the motions.
  4. Your salary and benefits expectations may have been unrealistic.
  5. The Company may just be looking to pay as little as possible.

What are the solutions to each of the points above?

  1. Be introspective about your performance. What can you do not to let that happen again?
  2. Did I do enough to prepare? How can I present myself in the best manner?
  3. There is little you can do about this; acknowledge that every Interview is a great learning experience.
  4. This may be the case, or you seek out the wrong roles; if you want higher pay, put in the work, do something different, change the companies you are targetting.
  5. This is all too common and reflects our economic times and pressure on companies to cut costs at every turn. Focus on the value you can bring to Companies. People who are well compensated bring a prodigious amount of value.