Ten years ago.

Ideally, yes; however, the best time to start is today, not when your dream company calls you for an Interview. There is a lot to learn and a lot of techniques to practice. Setting out stories and frameworks is one part of it; practicing and refining takes a lot of work. However, it is well worth it. 

Please take a look at my previous post, which sets out 20 benefits of being a great Interviewee.

If asked on a Monday to participate in a 90-minute panel interview on Thursday, how will you perform in that interview? 

Is this a Company you have wanted to join for many years? Have I left it too late?

Typical mindset

“I can do my job well; that will shine through on the day.”

“I will just do my best…”

“I have come this far…”

How will those thoughts change with expectation, nerves, the Interview format, or are behavioral questions your Achilles heel?

Start soon; you won’t regret it.