This is another ‘will they fit in’ type question. It is also an exercise to see if you exercise humility.

Companies want to hire people with the right attitude, not someone that will create disorder in a team and be a burden to management.

Listening to what others say about you, either formally (reviews, feedback sessions), or informally (when receiving a compliment, or how people speak to your work style or personality) are not only beneficial for self-improvement, they are a treasure chest for integrating into stories in an Interview. These attributes / strengths can be interwoven seamlessly into stories, rather than the amateur move of you listing out your strengths like bullet points. I had mentioned this before, however it is worth mentioning again.

Always keep your ears peeled for a rare attribute. An ex-boss of mine told me I had ‘great instincts‘. I loved that expression of praise because you don’t hear it frequently. I often cite that plaudit in an Interview story, such as this question posed above.

Other tips when faced with a question like this….

⛔ Never repeat the question back to buy time… “Hmm, great question, what would they say about me”… Better to pause, and start more naturally (see below)

⛔ Never start the answer with “I think they would say…..”

⛔ Don’t start by directly answering the question, start it with a story or how you perceive yourself to be.

𝗦𝗮𝗺𝗽𝗹𝗲 𝗮𝗻𝘀𝘄𝗲𝗿

One of the fundamental parts of my offering is, I continually seek to not only get better at my job, but to better myself and how I interact with my peers and project teams. This involves not only knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are , but actually working to fix those weaknesses through feedback loops and iterative practices. (Notice, I have not ‘directly’ answered the question yet’). Several colleagues have told me previously that I am very open to suggestions and input, and that this makes it easy to work with me in a team setting. This is something I have deliberately set out to do, I am a firm believer that in any project team , good ideas come from all team members not just the ones that speak the loudest, Inclusivity is vital and always appreciated. I certainly was not like this at the outset of my career, these qualities were those that my earliest mentor had, and that really made we want to hone that skill.

What does this answer show?

💯 Good communicator

💯 Humble

💯 Prepared

💯 Always seeking self-improvement

💯 Inclusive

💯 Team player