Pretty harmless question? I would say yes, if you know your job, the role, and know what makes it work well within the context of how the organization works.

This is what the Interviewer wants you to articulate. It is another great avenue for you to showcase your experience, questions like this need to be aced.

Sample Answer

I see the role of the Contracts Professional as the glue that keeps a project together. Not only are we a key part of the Project Management Team but also should be embedded and work closely with the Construction team. One of my goals as soon as I start a Project is to get to know the Construction folks well, how a job is organized has one of the greatest impacts on the extent of changes or claims. Record keeping is a critical activity which needs close scrutiny, this is something I always help out with as much of my experience and early mentoring involved the collection of records that are crucial to ensuring a job remains profitable.. The other aspect of success I highly value is being part of a strong integrated team who meets often to re-prioritize, report and update other stakeholders on progress. I have been on many projects where we have integrated the scrum technique to great effect, where the project meets for 15 mins every morning to go through the top priorities all for the betterment of the project. Keeping the team and project on point is paramount to the success of my role.

What is positive about this answer?

  1. You have articulated the pain points of any construction project.
  2. You touch on communication throughout.
  3. Integration, teamwork, planning and organization.
  4. Technical skills , training were mentioned throughout.