Very similar questions, and are typically asked at the outset to gauge a candidate’s interest, motivations and suitability.

The obvious reason may be money or to put food in the fridge, of course that answer isn’t a palatable one or at the very least won’t impress.

How to prepare for this one?

☑️ Learn and practice your personal and professional attributes.

☑️ How do your skills and experience match the job description?

☑️ What attracts you to this company? Do they have a good reputation for looking after their staff? Believe in work / life balance? Do they have a great track record of delivering projects or a portfolio of high profile projects?

☑️ What does your network say about the company? If positive, companies love hearing testimonials about what people admire about the company.

☑️ What does the company pride themselves on? The ‘about us’ section on the website usually contains the companies ‘values’, do they align with yours? If so align your stories to these values.

☑️ The extent of research you do on a given Company can be demonstrated here, did the CEO say something in a recent address that you admired? If you quoted that and explained why it resonated with you, it would be received well.

When coming up with an answer, make sure it is authentic, well thought out, and is delivered with enthusiasm and passion. Focus on how hiring you will benefit them, not you.