– Your best efforts.
– Loyalty.
– Never show them up/bring drama into their lives.
– Be burdensome when it comes to your conduct/ deal with complaints about your performance.
– To not have to replace you in a year.

Most of all, don’t go over their head, or behind their back.

Respect the hierarchy, don’t be constrained in fulfilling your role but be cognizant of the boundaries…

How to avoid falling foul of the above?

– Keep each other informed.
– Ascertain quickly the mode of communication.
– How often do they want updates?
– What aspects of your job do they need to know about?
– Consider how your actions will reflect on your team. Represent yourself professionally at all times.
– Keep career progression in the back of your mind, but first and foremost, over-deliver on your current role.
– Check in regularly with your boss, seek constructive feedback on your performance, implement these lessons learned.
– Bring ideas, enthusiasm, energy. and fun to the role

What does this have to do with interviewing? Tell stories of the above; I have many in my toolkit.

I speak about my prior bosses with admiration, tell stories about how we interact, help each other, and that I am there to serve them.

Does that sound trite? Maybe, It won’t to the hiring manager.

Inspired by Angela Thomson.