These interests provide the employer with an insight into who you are.

Often, your interests will provide clues as to whether you will be a good cultural fit, your drive, motivation, and ambition.

This is no time for mentioning ‘binge-watching Netflix’ or even something that could raise concern for your commitment or ability to do your job.

If you are overtly passionate about your hobbies but don’t display the same passion for your work, that could be off-putting and show the interviewers that your job is ‘not that important.’

Being honest here is also important, if your interests are authentic, your eyes will light up when you talk about them.

I wouldn’t mention more than two or three interests unless you can make them flow naturally. Describing two well is far greater than a list of five or six.

Creating the right impression.

  • If your hobbies make you a more well-rounded professional (reading, writing, studying, professional development).
  • Health and fitness, athletic pursuits.
  • Relatable – Spending time with family, your kids’ interests. Many Canadians can relate to hours spent in cold hockey rinks.

While I enjoy skating, skiing, cooking, and a host of other hobbies, it wouldn’t serve me to provide a list. I would start with the fact I haven’t missed a daily workout in 14 months and stress how I have spent my free time over the last six years on professional development.

I would also mention that I have rediscovered reading not only for professional reasons but to expand my general knowledge. I also bought a camper last year, which proved to be a godsend during covid, It is such a great way to see Canada, my kids love getting out in the countryside exploring.