There are many.

It is best to ask what the format of the Interview will be? HR is often forthcoming with this, however, I find that a candidate has to ask to get the answers.

  1. How many Interviewers, single or multiple Interviewers?
  2. What is the format of the Interview, Group, panel, screening, aptitude tests, presentation, meal?
  3. How skilled are the Interviewers? Hiring managers tend to be mixed, HR representatives will typically be skilled interviewers and will lean towards behavioral, scenario-based questions.
  4. Will the questions consist of traditional, or behavioral (The answer is normally ‘mixed’), perhaps it is cheeky to ask. You should be prepared for both.
  5. Coffee Interview? I have had a number of Interviews where it consisted of coffee and a chat. You are still being judged albeit in an informal setting. Don’t underestimate this format.
  6. The dreaded ‘stress test’ doesn’t always come out, however, if the position demands pressure, negotiation, and high-value sums of money, this technique may well be deployed to test the candidate. This is relatively easy to navigate through once you recognize it is being used.
  7. Your degree of nerves. This usually comes from the extent of the preparation completed, how comfortable the Interviewers make you feel, or indeed how much you want or need the role.

There will always be uncertainty, embrace it, prepare for as many eventualities as possible. 

“Control all the variables you can; don’t worry about the rest”

– Forrest Griffin