How do you get to really thrive in rooting out bad habits and compounding good habits?
What I aim for:
  • I lay markers every day.
  • I set out my environment.
  • I thrive on certain primary habits (working out, reading, up-skilling) and bringing that approach to smaller things (flossing, cold showers, water intake ).
  • Humans are creatures of habit; I certainly am. I work out every day, no excuses. It longer is an option; I just do it.*
  • I read two pages of a personal growth book in the morning while brushing my teeth.
  • Before I start studying, I read 2 pages of Steven Pressfield’s ‘Do the work,’ ‘turning pro’ or ‘the war of art.’
  • I leave books in strategic places all over the house to act as constant reminders of how I should (and enjoy) spending my time.
*I used the Jerry Seinfeld trick of placing an X in the calendar to do it day after day. This only needed to last for a month until it became a habit; after two months, it was engrained. Thank you, James Clear.
I would love to hear what you do to foster better habits and root out bad ones?