This can be phrased as a single question or of course, one or the other.

It is not to be taken lightly and requires some thought, and of course some stories to go with it.

The best bosses give us constructive advice, are problem solvers, motivate, uplift, and inspire. A bad boss or a leader can do exactly the opposite. I bet throughout your career, you have worked for the best, worst, and everything in between. It is very easy to recall stories about either category, both provide plenty of evidence on a daily basis.

The qualities you admire in a leader should be linked to how you see yourself and of course what you aspire to. It is easier, of course, to be complimentary and tell positive stories, it is not so easy to provide a thoughtful review of a bad boss or ineffective leader.

If your review is scathing and overly negative, this may raise doubts as to your ability to get along with people. If you complain your previous boss was a micro-manager, that could be construed that you need to be micro-managed.

You could tell a story that in spite of the difficulties, you successfully collaborated with your boss for the good of the team and that you would go above and beyond to make your project, company successful.

There are ways of communicating and delivering for every boss, show that you are adaptable, resilient, and irrespective of whom you report to, you are the consummate professional.

Never be overly negative or set out that it was just you that had an issue with a particular boss.