The best time to look for a job is when you have one.

It seems an obvious statement, however, many people I have talked to trudge along in their current role even when the business is not doing well and the potential for losing their job is high. I hear such excuses as ‘loyalty’, ‘abandoning ship’, ‘I want to see what happens’.

More often than not this is an excuse or just resistance.

Loyalty is an admirable trait, however, negotiating with a prospective employer with little bargaining power is not a good position to be in, similarly the pressure to go for less than ideal jobs is higher, particularly if the job hunt goes on for months.

I have stated many times; urgent roles arise frequently (in many cases due to a lack of planning on the Employers part), It is not uncommon for an interviewee to be given less than a week to prepare, is this enough time to prepare? For most people, I don’t believe it is.

Should you wait? No

Can you prepare in a week? Yes, however, it does take more effort and hours than most people realize.

Is it better to work on Interviewing skills over time? Absolutely. Your brain needs time to process and for the information to be ingrained, and if you haven’t honed your stories over time, it won’t happen in less than a week.