When I ask each Client how much research they do on a prospective Company? The answer is typically one to two hours.

As the session unfolds, I can tell exactly how much research they have actually completed (The Interviewers will also know).

When I ask ‘how’ they have researched the Company? The answer in most cases consists of ‘reading the website’.

This extent and lack of depth in research will rarely produce a successful outcome.

The research you conduct impacts three things:

☑️ How you cater your value proposition specifically to the company’s problems (why they are hiring for this position).

☑️ The depth of the questions you ask.

☑️ The overall impression you give.

An Interviewer told me once that “I knew more about the Company than he did“. He was obviously being overly complimentary, or maybe I had just one more research than a typical Candidate, however I did roughly 10 hours of research on their overseas projects, reading everything I could get my hands on at the time. This was telling in the Interview.

So what should a Candidate do?

  1. Reading the whole website is the starting point (take great heed of what the company prides itself on).
  2. Research the Management, what are their backgrounds? Linkedin will have a wealth of information on this.
  3. Who is the Hiring Manager / or other Interviewers? Is there any common ground?
  4. Can you ask current or previous staff for some insight into the Hiring Manager / Company?
  5. These days Companies have a myriad of social media outlets, study them.
  6. ‘Glassdoor’ contains overviews of companies and reviews from current / past colleagues, it is a gold mine of information. Many of the reviews I have seen for past Employers are spot on with how the company operates.
  7. Read the last one or two financial statements, they are often a treasure chest of information concerning where the company wants to position themselves.
  8. Read about the actual industry that the Company is in, what they do, who else does this?

This research will also solidify if you actually want to work for this Company. Remember, they are interviewing you, and you are interviewing them. Equally, they have to decide if they want to hire you, you have to decide if you want to work for them.