Many people rely on previous colleagues to get them a role in a new company.

We have all benefited from this at some stage in our career (i certainly have), equally having a great network and trusted colleagues is priceless, however while this practice can lead to some prosperity, relying on it solely can seriously limit your potential.

I would wager many people default to this ‘easy route’ rather than open up all potential avenues for employment in order to stay in their comfort zone, and not risk the ‘potential’ for rejection.

We live in a fast and convenient society where the package you ordered yesterday ‘still hasn’t arrived’,  people are unwilling to wait, play the long game and want instant gratification on all fronts.
My post yesterday mentioned people ‘not willing to do the work’ and ‘leaving an interview to chance’.

This amazes me, particularly in a down economy with job losses, increased competition across all industries and a rapidly changing job market.

When my first child was born in 2014, the realization that he depended on me for everything, changed my life and drive forever (in a good way).

One of the best hedges against competition is to change the supply/demand shift by being an awesome Interviewee.

“If you put yourself in a position where you have to stretch outside your comfort zone, then you are forced to expand your consciousness.”

– Les Brown