Explain your resume working backwards…

Some of these stories can be fleshed out to answer ‘What you liked about your last job or working environment‘. This question should not be glossed over, it requires preparation like any other.

Starting with your latest job.

Describe three things you love about your current role / loved about each role. These do not have to be about huge aspects of the role, little things will do, for example.

In my current role, I love that:

🎁 My boss is supportive, loves new ideas, and seeks my counsel on issues.

🎁 I get to do training and do public speaking which is one of the aspects I want to improve.

🎁 It is a respectful work environment.

It could even be smaller things…

For example, in my last role:

🙏 I met a great friend who was 17 years my junior but we had lots in common, I highly recommend making friends with people of a different generation,  you  can learn so much from each other.

🙏 There were a number of very senior practitioners with international experience that were willing to share experiences and help out the team.

🙏 We would have mini team meetings every day where everybody got the chance to be heard.

For some this might be a head scratcher, you may have not liked your last job / boss but every role should have positive parts to it. Also, this is a great avenue to present yourself as someone who has the right attitude and thrives in a work environment.