It is always best to steer clear of politics throughout the interview process.

While it may be ‘relatively’ safe in an Oil and Gas Company in Alberta to express distaste for Justin Trudeau, you may be unlucky and sit across from the only liberal hiring manager in Calgary.

You may ask, ‘how would this ever come up?’

I know in the energy sector, this regularly does, questions about the industry trends, challenges, the state of the industry…

I’m sure it is the same in the U.S., where the political divide is more prevalent than ever. These days people may be wise to keep their political preferences to themselves or refrain from bold political statements.

I have stated before that an Interview is no place for negativity; the same rules apply here.

Keep your opinions generally positive, don’t be afraid to express an opinion or a view, but restrain yourself from negativity as this will reflect poorly on you. See my previous post for more context http://in.test/wp-admin/post.php?post=890&action=edit

The same rules apply if you have a past colleague in common – Don’t bad mouth.

If they were the biggest tyrant on earth, you could perhaps provide a knowing glance if they are mentioned, nothing more.