It is no secret that 80% of jobs are secured by ‘who you know.’ 


Applying cold can yield a result, but the probability is low. So why rely on this method?


As an interview coach and senior contracts professional, I always coach people to network incessantly, but I realized recently, I wasn’t practicing what I preached.


A trusted colleague of mine made me realize that this needed to change. Now, we share ideas, hold each other accountable; in some ways, we have a healthy competition as to the level and extent of our ever-expanding network.


People rely on cold applications because it is familiar, it is a safe zone, yes, it is an unproductive one, but safe nonetheless.


Months go by with a few bites, but nothing comes your way; why?


Either because you haven’t expanded or maintained your network at the time you need it least (when gainfully employed) or when you are job hunting, you are now desperately networking and outwardly asking for help.


I consider myself pretty good at networking. This time next year, I will be an expert.