Every coaching session I take part in, I learn something new or a previously considered aspect of Interviewing comes to light in a way I never imagined.

It might be the references back to the time when I used to sit in front of the mirror practicing stories, value propositions, or honing each line to see how it would be received. What sounded too cocky or cliched, what would I say that would be off-putting to an interviewer or hiring manager? Conversely, what message would be received well, resonate with the hiring manager, what could create a great impression?

It could also be reflecting on my own interviewing experiences, the good, the bad, the great, the unexpected, the downright bizarre.

It is a process that too many people take lightly, I am fascinated by what skills or upgrades can make a difference in my life, If I invest a certain number of hours into something, what will give me a great return on this?

Last year I got back into reading, after many years of audiobooks, I re-discovered the magic of books, particularly when you give them your complete focus.

Writing is also very therapeutic; although it is very challenging, it is something that pays off the more you work at it.

“If you’re not frustrated, you’re not learning” – Robert Greene