Interviews often come out of the blue.
Corporations frequently realize they have a need at the last minute.
So the recruiter fast tracks the process; interviews are set for the next few days.
That is why I coach people to be ready at all times.
My thoughts on if you are not ready for that interview?
  1. Give it your best shot; research the company for as many hours as you can muster.
  2. Form 5-10 great questions from this research, Have great motivations for leaving and why you want to join this company.
  3. Ensure you listen and ask related questions.
  4. Practice ‘tell me about yourself,’ strengths, attributes, stories, and other traditional questions.
  5. Don’t neglect some of the main behavioral questions (difficulties with a boss/colleague, examples of you giving great input to a project).
If it is not meant to be, don’t beat yourself up over it.
However, you have to learn from this, conduct lessons learned on the main areas for improvement, and don’t place yourself in this situation again.
Always be ready for an interview; start today.
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