This post may appear harsh, but it is true.

A key statistic i have quoted many times is:

‘On average, each corporate job offer attracts 250 resumes. Of those candidates, 4 to 6 will get called for an interview, and only one will get the job’. (Glassdoor)

The majority of those 250 resumes will be unqualified / unsuitable / will have applied with no chance.
The 4 to 6 interviewees are the ones with the real chance of securing the job. Even at that, 1 or 2 are bound to mess up the phone interview (eating lunch on the phone, relaxing because they cant be seen, winging it, not taking it seriously or being in any way prepared), these are real life examples cited by recruiters.
if you are truly ready, you will either have one competitor or no competition because most people:

🗑 won’t bother doing the work,

🗑 will leave it to chance,

🗑 will create the wrong impression

🗑 will leave no impression.

Getting up to an acceptable level of Interviewing is relatively easy, the more you put in the better you will get.

I still have thousands of hours left in my quest to be a Master Interviewee and the Worlds top Interview Coach, the grind continues..

“How to achieve your goals? Outwork everyone and convince yourself you deserve to win.”

~Ed Mylett