Humans shy away from the uncomfortable…


Well, most do. 


Interviews are one of those dreaded, wretched processes that people hate.


Why do something more than the number of times you ‘must’ do it?


However, facing the uncomfortable makes you better every time.


On the other hand, when you really hone a skill, you start to crave the challenge, the feeling.


When I am in a job I love, I miss being an interviewee.


I love the process (as fractured as it is), I wonder:


  • What will I be asked?
  • Formal or informal?
  • Will the interviewers be skilled/unskilled?
  • How knowledgeable about the company will the interviewers be?
  • Will HR be present, will they be an accomplished interviewer?
  • Will they be human beings or robots?
  • Will they try stress techniques?
  • Will it be structured/unstructured?
  • How will they handle an interview expert?


When you hone your skills, become competent, you crave more, that success is addictive.