If your delivery is too polished, it comes across as inauthentic, overly rehearsed, and not a true reflection of the candidate.

This won’t create the right impression.

That doesn’t mean a prodigious amount of practice is not required.

Stick to ‘frameworks’ versus a script. Memorizing answers to the tee is never a good idea for many reasons:

  1. Nerves and the potential stress of the interview can distract the candidate from their ‘script’.
  2. The questions asked will be slightly different from those you prepared for, using your framework and stories will be far more useful.
  3. Most of us are poor actors, scripts don’t work for us.
  4. Candidates will focus more on the delivery of lines versus making an overall impression and creating a rapport.

This sample framework is all I need to remember or have in front of me (on a cue card) when practicing for the infamous ‘Tell me about yourself question‘. As long as i remember these points, the story is created around it.

Sample framework – Tell me about yourself?

Construction 20 years professionally, Construction since I was 8.

Moved from construction into Oil and Gas

Ireland, Australia, Canada.

Education – MSc, Llm

Perfection is not required, nor will it create the best impression. Tell interesting stories, speak to your education and experience, be likable, and have the right attitude.