This is a subject as widely debated in some circles as ‘gun control’ or ‘climate change.’

Many people would argue that 60 to 90 minutes of questions and answers will not always result in hiring the best candidate.

Others would say that ‘asking canned questions will get you canned answers.’

I tend to agree with the above statements; however, as long as the Interview process remains similar to the traditional approach of ‘tell me about yourself, what are your greatest, strengths, weaknesses, tell me about a time…..’ Candidates should be able to address these questions well.

As previously mentioned, in most cases, it is not the best candidate who gets the job, but the person who puts in the most preparation, best articulates, and sells their value through stories. Another factor is which candidate is more accomplished at public speaking.

None of these factors comes easy, it takes determination and hard work, It is also an addictive process when you see the improvements and results.