A good friend of mine came to me in a predicament over a year ago.
He was interviewing for a job that was (in theory) beyond his capabilities.
To this day, im unsure if he just wanted interview coaching or a pep talk to go for it.
He came to the right place.
I gave him constructive advice on bridging the gap between his experience and a robust approach that catered to what the company was looking for in a candidate.
My experience in construction contracts provided the blueprint to provide him with everything he needed.
I also pre-empted most of the questions they would ask and how to form strong answers.
He listened intently to every facet of approaching the interview, seamlessly integrating attributes into his stories and demonstrating his ferocious smarts and work ethic. Most importantly, he practiced like hell and blew them out of the water.
He told me recently that the two sessions with me and the 6 hours/day practice for a few days made the difference.
At one point, one of the interviewers said ‘wow’ after a great answer.
He is a winner and is thriving in his new role.
Everyone else who interviewed for the role went back to the drawing board.