Today marks exactly one year of exercising every day (bar that one sick day in February).
Last year I realized I was consistently making the all-too-common promise of ‘I will exercise three or four days per week’.

The problem with this is there is “never a good time, I will do it tomorrow, I am not in the mood“.
This never works (or certainly never worked for me) and It is too easy to continually uncommit.  I had put on some weight, I felt sluggish and lacking in energy.

As a huge fan of Jocko Willink, I saw the photo every day of his Timex watch just after 4.30am. I am a disciplined person but could never see myself doing that. I needed a change and it needed to be monumental.

Seeing as it was closing in on the end of the year, I considered waiting until the new year. New year’s resolution never work; this time I needed to do it differently. I choose to start on 22nd December. 2019.

I originally set out to exercise every day for a month with a view to doing it for 66 days until it became a habit.  I knew if I did this incrementally, it would be easier to implement this practice on a long term basis.

Following the advice of James Clear I set up an accountability calendar, where every day I would write an ‘X’ after each workout.  Originally I worked out at night (after 7.30pm) which was great as it kept me off the cookies. I changed that to lunch time workouts when Covid hit and early morning (5am) when I started a new job in May 2020.

No excuses were tolerated. You stayed up boozing, ‘so what – workout‘.

I dont feel like it, ‘you will feel great after it.’

One saturday in the summer, I had some drinks with the neighbours and I had’nt yet worked out, I sat there thinking should I break it? ‘No’… I dont recommend working out after two gin and tonics, I learned a lesson that day.

After over 400 workouts in 2020 (double ups), I am much better armed to attack life and hit my goals.


🏆 Exercise is now engrained, It is a daily practice.

🏆 Exercise is not an option, It will be completed, It is not a case of ‘if’, it is a case of ‘when’.

🏆 I am far more lean than I was this time last year, there is still lots to do (clean up my diet and alcohol intake).

🏆 I feel better, look better and have more energy.

🏆 Consistency makes it much easier to get out of bed day after day.

🏆 The discipline spills over into other aspects of my life.

🏆 Obvious health benefits.

The overall goal – “DISCIPLINE = FREEDOM” – Jocko..

“The best exercise for gaining strength is not missing workouts.”

– James Clear