Interesting Interview question

โœ… Very open

โœ… Not exactly specific to a career or a business decision but could perhaps be posed as ‘Do you have any regrets in your career’? if it does, adjust to suit.

๐Ÿ•ต It may be a test of, or a question concerning emotional intelligence.

I love to ask this question because it invites a range of answers and can uncover some real gold.
Sample answer.I’m not somebody who dwells on the past or holds on to regrets because that can turn into a negative exercise. I also believe that a key decision that you made 20 years ago was made with a certain context and you were armed with information that you weighed up ‘at that time’I have had a successful career and would say I am at a level where I thought I would be considering my years of experience and career trajectory. I am on my 4th x five year plan believe it or not. My first one was made when I was 18 (Note to reader: more on this another time).

Do I at times wonder where I could have been had I partied less in my 20’s, saved more, became a world class entrepreneur – maybe, but i am continually educating myself, worked for and with great people, have a wonderful wife, two great kids and live in this wonderful country.
If you were to press me, I was once offered to work as a Quantity Surveyor in Hawaii which i turned down (I was six month into a great role with a Contractor in Ireland), that could have led to some interesting adventures..

What does this say about me?

โœ… Thoughtful about where I have come from and where I am going.

โœ… Self aware

โœ… A Planner

โœ… Deliberate

โœ… Committed

โœ… Tells interesting stories (ones that you want to hear more about) Stories are the key.

โœ… Not afraid to be vulnerable

โœ… Values are important

โœ… Not boring