A common mistake candidates make is banking on one job.

People convince themselves that this is the only job they want.

This influences their decision to slow down the job search.

Not only does this practice restrict options and place you at the mercy of one company, but it may also prove to be a huge disappointment if you are not successful. It also can negatively impact your leverage for negotiating and unnecessarily prolong a job search.

Recruiters / Companies are notoriously slow when dealing with even the best candidate, there are many reasons a role may not work out.


  • Keep searching, hustling for suitable roles.
  • Interview as much as possible (the experience never goes to waste).
  • Actively network.
  • Broaden the job search, new industries, locations, remote work (you never know what gem could be uncovered).
  • Apply, apply, apply.

Don’t continually yearn for that ‘one job’. Open up the possibilities.

Be relentless.